Mr. Salah Hammad: Strong will is behind the success of disabled people

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Gaza city, IRADA program for rehabilitation and vocational training organized graduation ceremony for 50 disabled people were trained through “Youth Employment Creation in Gaza Strip” project. The OPEC fund for international development (OFID) was the donor for the project implemented with supervision of the United Nation Development Program (UNDP/DEEP).

Mr. Salah Hamad- the representative of UNDP/DEEP, Mr. Abel Karim Jouda- Deputy Chairman of the Board, IRADA team, and the disabled graduates attended the ceremony.

Mr. Jouda congratulated the disabled graduates, and briefed on IRADA achievements in training and employment of disabled people, where 800 one were trained in different vocations, and IRADA interventions contributed in enhancing the economic situation for the beneficiaries. Mr. Jouda thanked UNDP/DEEP program for the continuing support for the disabled people, and their efforts to reduce poverty among them.

Mr. Hamad said: “Many disabled people challenged their disability and succeeded. We proud of them, they are important group that UNDP/DEEP seeks to include in the interventions. Recently, they represented at least 10% of the beneficiaries of any program implement by UNDP/DEEP. We are looking to achieve the accessibility for male and female with disabilities for the vocational training and employment with equal opportunities.”

In addition, Mr. Hamad praised IRADA team, considering their experience one of the main reason contributed to the project success. Mr.Hamad ensured the importance of IRADA program for inclusion the disabled people, hoping the program experience will be exchanged with other institutions working in the same area abroad. Finally, Mr.Hamad advised the graduates with disability to continue in developing their skills in order to compete in the labor market and be qualified to establish their own business.

From their side the graduates with disability expressed their happiness with the gained skills, and thanked UNDP/DEEP program, IRADA team, and all the parties participated in the project.