Job creation for people with disability

Funded by : Swiss Agency for Development and cooperation (SDC) & United Nations Development Program (UNDP/DEEP) Beneficiaries : 65 people with disabilities

Support People with Disabilities in Gaza Strip

Funded by : International Labor Organization (ILO) Beneficiaries : 85 people with disabilities

Providing Wooden Houses for Families whose Houses were Destroyed in Israeli War

Funded by : Welfare Association Beneficiaries : 5 poor families whose houses were destroyed in the last Israeli war 2014

Supporting Employment of Craftsmen with Disability

Funded by : Paltel Group Beneficiaries : 20 poor families, 18 people with disabilities

Early Recovery Program through Psychosocial Support for School Students at the End of Year 2014

Funded by : United Nations Development Program (UNDP/DEEP) Beneficiaries : 40 schools, 56 poor graduates with psychosocial support certificate

Tamkeen: Vocational Training and Supporting Small Business for PwD

Funded by : Islamic Development Bank & United Nations Development Program (UNDP/DEEP) Beneficiaries : People with disability (PwD)

Irada 1- Rehabilitation and Vocational Training of People with Disability in Gaza strip

Funded by : Turkish government Beneficiaries : People with disability (PwD)